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Massimo Paradiso  

Staff’s survey. The revolution that makes the company healthier.


Staff’s survey. The revolution that makes the company healthier.

We are just at the beginning of this deep transformation in the job industry, in the procedure’s schedule and the production chain. The new technologies and the digitalization are the key of these changes, involving the use of new robotic tools and specialized technicians.

The way we think the work environment will also change into more flexible working patterns, and into a more fluid shift schedules, requiring new digital instruments to keep track of the timesheets (from remote, online and icloud) allowing to check in and out from smartphones and desktops.

In the tertiary, services, new technologies and industry branches is already possible to adopt these new instruments and flexible devices to supervise working hours, performances, income and outcome, expenses, leave management.

These tools allow us to maximize the performance and the productivity itself, recording and storing all the data in digital archives always available to the management.

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