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BadgeBox: your more trustworthy ally!


BadgeBox: your more trustworthy ally!
Ready to use, simple and safe!

With BadgeBox you can manage the timesheets of your employees, their check in and check out directly from your mobile phone, desktop or laptop. Our system will give you the chance to generate timesheets monthly or weekly, providing details of the activities, and easily convert them into excel, to be shared with your customers or your accountant.

BadgeBox will help you to plan permits, holiday requests and leave management, to schedule and assign activities to your employees and to check them in real time. Manage expenses, refunds and bonuses to keep track of your cashflow. Create notes and set meetings to share on the calendar, keep track of the deadlines.

Register customers and suppliers. Manage paychecks and share the data on Cloud.

Download or register at https://www.badgebox.com/en/register.html and find out how simple will become to manage your business.